Refractory Stainless-Steel Parts

Refractory Stainless-Steel Parts

ALLY CAST is a foundry and boiler shop specialized in the manufacture of refractory stainless-steel parts and blast machine pieces.

Highly qualified engineers manage the company.

The Heat-resistant stainless steels are produced in the induction furnaces and are analyzed in an optical spectrometer.

ALLY CAST has four different sand systems to ensure the best finish on castings.

We manufacture:

Basket for heat treatment, Base Tray for heat treatment, Radiant Tubes for heat treatment furnace, Muffle for furnace, Device for heat treatment, Device for well furnace, Cast Fan stainless steel, Rolled Stainless Steel Fan, Rotary furnace Retort,  Quenching and tempering furnace Rail with Roller, Aluminum billet heating furnace rail, Roller for Rail, Chain Guide, Chain, Well furnace Lid, Well furnace Retort , Conveyor Traction Roller, Furnace Roller.

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